Legal Services

We work with your accounts that have gone through the collection process and haven't seen the desired results.

Debt Collection Attorneys

Kearns Brinen & Monaghan has partnered with the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) to provide a full-service legal process for our clients. Our office is able to handle all legal casesĀ  With access to a network of attorneys, our team can find representation in every state and U.S territory!

Singular Point of Contact

Tired of having to deal with multiple lawyers? Having to keep track of way too much? Cut out the confusion and work with our in-house legal department. With a singular point of contact, our offices cut down on organization costs and replace it with a smooth hands-off legal approach.

100% Contingency

Not only do our collection services work on a contingency, but our legal services do as well. Avoid atronomical hourly lawyer fees and pay only when things work out!

*Legal services may come with fees that do not fall into our contingent promise. Please consult with your collection specialist on which fees may apply.

Full Service Debt Collection

In-house legal counsel connects you with network of attorneys

Win debtor judgments in 99% of cases brought to a court of law

Ability to domesticate court judgments, increasing collection odds

Custom solutions built for you!