Collect Your Receivables

Protect Your Bottom Line

Gain control over your past due invoices and revitalize your cash flow like never before

Custom debt collection solutions tailored to your needs

Many agencies use predictive dialers and scripts to work their accounts. This robotic approach lacks creativity and will only get you so far. KBM’s custom approaches bring the solutions to the forefront

Man on computer

Real time updates on our portal

View the status of any of your accounts at a moments notice with our 24/7 online access portal.

Multilingual & translatable

KBM works on a global scale and offers a language line to speak with anyone in any language.

Easy to use placement portal

Place accounts with the click of a button! Take the hassle of communicating every detail with a seamless upload process on our portal.

Dedicated account representative

Your account representative will work through our placement process and help improve your AR strategies to save your bottom line!

Correspondence as frequently - or infrequently, desired

Coordinate with your collection services rep to have updates sent immediately to your inbox whenever something comes up.

Industries We work in

Alternative Lending

Food Service

Equipment Financing

Advertising & Marketing

HR Management & Payroll

Alcohol Distributors

and many more......

Start collecting today

It has never been easier to manage your past due receivables