2021 Debt Collection Certification

2020 was a year that challenged all of us. Whether that was personally, mentally, financially, career-wise, or combinations of it all, no one was exempt from the hardships of the year. The world saw a 10% decrease in all collection agencies. Many companies couldn’t adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic and they suffered for it. 

I’m beyond proud of our amazing team here at Kearns Brinen & Monaghan for their amazing efforts in overcoming a year with so many obstacles. When you see an entire industry see such a dramatic drop, you worry that your company may be next. But our team is built differently with the best in the business who couldn’t take failure as an answer.

We are honored to have earned certification from the Commercial Law League of America and the International Association of Commercial Collectors again for 2021. While this is a major honor for our company, it says more about the people who come to work here every day to save our client’s businesses.

From independent CPA firms auditing our accounts, to background checks being done on the officers of our company, to an investigation of our collection practices and any regulatory complaints, we emerged as the cream of the crop among the commercial collection agency world. That is thanks to the men and women who show up every day here and perform to the standard of excellence we preach.

It has been a cornerstone of our business to provide our clients with compassionate service and their clients with ethical treatment. This certification is a testament to the Kearns Brinen & Monaghan brand and a direct result of the relentless pursuit of our mission.

As 2021 has reared its head, we have already begun to have record returns for our clients. With the comeback of the American economy, businesses continuing to open back up, and companies looking to grow in these times, our debt collection efforts have provided our clients with the lifeblood to go out and take risks. We look forward to continuing to support our client’s bottom line and help bring everyone through the new year.

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