We hired KBM about 6 months ago to help me with collecting on some severely past due accounts.
In a matter of days, we received payments. They are so professional and pleasant to work with. They keep me updated with the process. The best thing is that they have collected these payments without upsetting these customers. Most of our customers are still wanting to do business with us even after their account was sent to KBM. This tells me a lot. I have dealt with many collection agencies in the past and hated working with them because usually they are very pushy and rude. This is not the case with KBM. I would recommend them to anyone, and have enjoyed working with them.

What can I say about Kearns Brinen & Monaghan? They are an excellent company! The service they provide is above exceptional! They walk you through every step of the process, and even take the time to explain details that were not clear. Even though I know they have thousands of customers such as my company, not once did I feel that my company was not important. Even from the very first phone call that I received from KBM, to my current dealings. KBM makes communication with them very simple. I receive e-mail responses and phone calls on daily and timely manner. Even though I do not respond right away, the follow up that I receive is terrific. Especially now, during this time of pandemic, to receive the exceptional service that my company is receiving from KBM speaks to the high standards that they offer and adheres to. What can I say about KBM? Is that I am very glad that I answered a phone call that started the wonderful relationship that my company has with KBM and their whole team.

My company has been utilizing KBM’s services since Dec. 2018 and I definitely rate them at 5 stars rating and highly recommend them regarding commercial collection matters. Working with Anna Masciantonio, a top-notch collector who pays attention to detail and always follows through on a timely basis, has definitely proven to be a positive, helpful, and a great learning experience. She sent me a list of Vital Warning Signs that list indicators and red flag warnings regarding potential customers that I passed on to our sales reps. Also, their in-house legal director, Sandra DeVries as well as Debra Easley are pleasant to work with, competent, and ethical.

We worked with Anna at KBM to help get our collections under control. She was very professional indeed and provided us with weekly updates. Our A/R looks great now!

I have been in the collections industry for 25 years and have never used an agency quite like KBM. I will never use another. Everyone from Frank in Client Development, to the collectors to Sandra in Legal are professional and always willing to help. They keep me well informed of what is happening with the accounts that I place with them and, if with legal, get documents to keep on file pertaining to that case. I have never had this with another agency.

They provided access to their system so I can make notes on accounts, if need or can simply look at what is happening. They have their customers best interest as a priority and I always feel that they are working very hard to achieve the best outcome for my company.

Regina is a fantastic account rep and the collectors are impressive. We send companies to KBM when we are not getting any email responses or return phone calls and within 1 or 2 days KBM has not only received a response but payment! I would recommend to anyone and am grateful for their service!