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Turn Bad Debt Into Opportunity

Dive into a world where your financial forecasts shine brighter, and your client relationships remain unshaken. Let’s transform those financial hiccups into opportunities, together!”

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Why choose KBM?

History of Success

KBM has been recovering accounts for 18+ years, and boasts a 41.75% recovery rate in the SaaS industry

International Reach

Our team is licensed to collect in all 50 states & internationally. Wherever your debtors may reside, we have the reach

Uncommon Communication

Never be in the dark about your accounts. Access our 24/7 online portal or reach out to your dedicated account rep

No Collection? No Cost

We work on a full contingency, so if we can't get you paid then you don't pay a thing!

We Understand Your Challenges

Your busy schedule just busier, but the invoices are stacking up and your team is stretched thin. How are you going to effectively follow up with these clients who are behind on their invoices?

Stop sacrificing your growth to focus on the past! Our team of dedicated collectors can take your most stubborn accounts and turn them into consistent paying clients. 

Unlock Your Rescources

Dedicate your in-house resources to more profitable ventures, let us handle the back end

Keep the Customer & Get paid

Our approach focuses on maximizing recovery while preserving the relationship with your clients

Average Recovery Rate Of 41.75% In SaaS Industry

Education Software Merger Stretches Resources Thin

SaaS-Based Market Research Firm Reaps Benefits Of AR Liquidation

"Succ-SaaS" Stories

Some of our favorite success stories in the SaaS industry, turned into case studies just for you!

Medical Software Provider Searches to Cure Their Bad Debt Problem

Our Simple Process

Follow Along

Never feel like you are out of the loop! Jump on our online portal to see live updates of our collection progress.


Once we collect, we hold funds for 2 weeks to ensure they clear before remitting to you!

Submit Account

Email your account manager the invoices for your collection accounts.

Collect Payment

Our collector works hand in hand with your client to negotiate payment as quickly as possible

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