Don't Let Bad Debt Sit On Your Books

Kearns Brinen & Monaghan is a debt collection agency that takes your delinquent customers and turns them into payers. Clean up your bottom line and support your receivables department with our B2B collection services

Debt Collection strategies that work

Tailored Plans

Each account is unique and deserves a custom approach

Credit reporting

Report the debt to the major credit bureaus

100% Contingent Fees

Pay only when you see results on your accounts!

Private investigators, collection attorneys, and more!

Consult with our team to see what resources would be best for your company

How it works is so simple

Email us the documents

Information collects debt! Email us at info@kbmcollect.com your supporting evidence (contracts, credit apps, personal guarantees, etc.) and watch the magic work!

Access our client portal

Check on the status of your account at any point! Our debt collectors work diligiently throughout the week on your file and get it in shape to collect.

Let our collectors work

All of our collectors on staff have countless years of experience in debt collection. Let them put their expertise to work for you!

Collection Attorneys Ready To Go

Attorneys in every state

Have a dedicated case law attorney review your account and represent you in the legal process. Our attorneys work solely on comission. So if you don't get paid, neither do our attorneys!

A face to a name; come get to know us!

We aren’t the mysterious people behind the curtain! Our goal is to build a relationship with you, and that’s why we won’t hide. Full transperancy, true fidelity, and proven results.

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We don't brag, our clients do that for us

From the very first phone call that I received from KBM, to my current dealings. KBM makes communication with them very simple. I receive e-mail responses and phone calls on daily and timely manner. Even though I do not respond right away, the follow up that I receive is terrific. Especially now, during this time of pandemic, to receive the exceptional service that my company is receiving from KBM speaks to the high standards that they offer and adheres to.
Daphne L.
"Most of our customers are still wanting to do business with us even after their account was sent to KBM. This tells me a lot. I have dealt with many collection agencies in the past and hated working with them because usually they are very pushy and rude. This is not the case with KBM. I would recommend them to anyone, and have enjoyed working with them."
Liz V.
We worked with Anna at KBM to help get our collections under control. She was very professional indeed and provided us with weekly updates. Our A/R looks great now!
Michael H.

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