Before You Place an Account for Collection

Free Pre-Placement Evaluation

We will perform an initial evaluation of your receivables, at no charge to you, in order to recommend the most appropriate service level to meet your needs.  Many factors are considered, including account age, balance, accuracy and validity of debtor information, and account history (including previous recovery attempts).  Our objective is to improve your cash flow while maintaining the goodwill of your customers.

Free Indicator Investigations

With early intervention, many accounts that are less than 90 days past-due can be collected without the need for a collection agency.  Indicators that suggest a company may be experiencing financial difficulties may include a variation from their usual payment pattern, sending in a partial payment, or perhaps a sudden increase in disputed invoices.  When these signs are first noticed, KBM will perform a database search to provide you with up-to-date information about the company’s current financial status.  This complimentary service can provide the essential information you need to make informed decisions without necessarily placing the account with us for collection.

Meeting - As a commercial collection agency  we know we are measured by the results we provide, and that each time we do business, our entire reputation is at stake. At Kearns, Brinen, & Monaghan we treat each client as if it was our only client. We know that our staff and our technology separates u

Free Demand Notice

Kearns Brinen & Monaghan will send a final demand for payment on all accounts 90 days or less past the invoice date to your past-due client.  If payment is received within the Free Demand Period, there is no charge to you.  If payment is not received within the specified Free Demand Period, KBM will begin collection activity immediately.  Collection fees will be applicable on all accounts once collection activity has begun, including those upon which payments have been made, accounts withdrawn from collection, accounts having merchandise returns credited, settlements or other account adjustments made after the Free Demand Period.

Demand Letters and Faxes

We can provide you with professional collection letters and demand faxes that can create a sense of urgency that may be all that is needed to prompt slow-paying customers to pay.