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About Us

Paid Stamp - As a commercial collection agency  we know we are measured by the results we provide, and that each time we do business, our entire reputation is at stake. At Kearns, Brinen, & Monaghan we treat each client as if it was our only client. We know that our staff and our technology separate


Bottom Line? Improved Cash Flow.

KBM has the expertise and resources to collect your delinquent accounts, reduce days outstanding, and improve your cash flow. 

Collection Solutions with a Personal Touch

Your receivables are starting to weigh down the cash flow.   Customers who used to pay on time are starting to pay late.  Slow paying customers aren’t paying at all.  How can these accounts be brought up-to-date without compromising customer goodwill? 


Different customers have different reasons for allowing their accounts to become past-due. Sometimes a customer is experiencing a short-term problem and repeated demands for payment can damage the customer relationship.  It’s important that you determine if your customer is having a temporary cash flow problem or if there is an ongoing situation that will affect their ability/willingness to pay in the long-run.

How do you find out about a customer’s current financial condition so you can make an informed decision on the best way to approach the collection process?  KBM has the technology and expertise to conduct investigations that will reveal details regarding the debtor's financial condition.  After all, future sales and a host of other issues must be considered  when you’re considering collection action with a customer.  We can provide you with the information needed to make decisions that are vital to your company’s financial stability.  We will recommend the most effective way to collect your delinquent accounts, quickly and affordably, while maintaining the customer relationship.


All customers are not alike, so a “one-size fits-all” approach to collections won’t work.  Our experts will recommend the best solutions to get the money you’re owed in the least amount of time.  After determining the most effective way to collect the account, our professionals will utilize debt recovery technology, letters, faxes, phone calls, and even personal visits when necessary.  We’ll keep you advised on our progress every step of the way. 


Most importantly, every account entrusted to us is handled with absolute integrity and professionalism so that, whenever possible, the customer relationship is preserved, leaving the door open to future sales.


KBM offers you a range of personalized services that will collect those delinquent accounts, improve your cash flow, and maintain customer loyalty.